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We yell back because someone has yelled at us, we overreact because a friend has displayed some jealousy or has not agreed with us, we give in to mob mind-set without stopping to think what the problem is all about and what we can do to right the situation. 

I am sure at this moment; some such incident is being replayed in your mind!

If only we look further, we will understand that people are acting the way they do because of a strong sense of ego, insecurity or fear, or simply because they are not balanced. Or maybe they have had a rough day.

When we are at the receiving end in crossfire, one of the first things to do is to assume an attitude of ‘sakshi bhav’, i.e., the approach of a witness who is simply an onlooker and not get drawn into the exchange. Once that is done, any outburst angry or vicious will just wash out and better sense will prevail on the person while you, the witness, would not have worsened the tension. Remember being calm is our true nature.

Motivational Articles

The next thing to do is to study the deeper hints beneath a certain kind of behavior or reaction. Once we know where it is all coming from, we get a better outlook and understanding.

There is always a lot happening at the surface which is very transient. A look beyond is what gives us true insight and enables a more intelligent response. This is true when we are responding to negative emotions. All our scriptures tell us that emotions like anger, envy, jealousy, lust and ego are our enemies. They come in the way of self-realization and damage relationships. The cleverest thing to do when there is negativity in the air is not to add to it. Responding from a position of love or if that is difficult, neutrality, will also serve a greater purpose. You might even be amused once you get to the bottom of things.


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